A Witch Walks into a Bar…

…and in the corner she sees a group of…

Tell me what she sees in the comments!

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  1. A witch walks into a bar and she sees a group of women sitting in the back left corner of the bar. She can feel an energy coming from them that makes the hair on the back of her neck stand up, though she can’t figure out why. Then energy doesn’t feel like anything or anyone she’s come across before. She continues to wander further into the bar. Movement on her right takes her by surprise. She realizes that one of the women sitting in the corner had masked an energy ball and the male vampire now standing at her right had diminished the spell to keep her from being hit. The man walks away like nothing ever happened, leaving her standing there wondering why this vampire had helped her. She continues to the bar where she takes a seat beside a man who is, for whatever reason, trying to conceal his face. He looks towards her briefly, and immediately gets up and leaves the bar out the back door, which she hasn’t seen until now. She tries to get the bartenders attention, but it’s like he can’t see her, come to think of it the only people that seem to see her are the three women who don’t feel right, the male vamp, and the man at the bar who bolted as soon as she sat down. After trying to get the bartenders attention for what felt like an hour, she gave up. So she decides to take the shortest route to the exit, which is out the back door. Little does she know the back door is a portal leading straight to the underworld!

  2. A witch walks into a bar and sees a group of leprechauns fighting over the very last pot of gold found under a rainbow!

  3. an eclectic group of kabuki performing acrobats , one a wizened wizard halfling, A tall Fae demon, a shape shifting dwarf and a stunted Chinese Dragon, and a haunting Siren lithe and irresistible, how Recherché the Witch sighed as she slid into her Apron and took her place behind the Bar

  4. Goth wanna-bes. Wanting to look genuine, powerful and intimidating. This is going to be a fun night with minimal effort from our true witch’s part.

  5. A witch walks into a bar. He was a tall lanky witch with the power to see the unseen. In the dark depths of the room he saw the young girl he’d been searching for all of eleven years old incased partially inside of the wall in a time rift. She had the power to be unseen, but soon it would be too late.

  6. A witch walks into a bar and sees a group of men sitting at a table in the back of the room. As she nears the bar, she feels a pulsing energy coming from the table. She’s felt this energy signature many times before; Lycans! She calmly orders a beer from the oversized bartender, and turns to face the opposite wall. She’d leave if she wasn’t waiting for her roommate, Jessica. God; the smell coming from the table is about to make her sick! Were the hell is Jessica? Five minutes, that’s all the time she’ll give her, and then she’s walking out before any trouble can start. For if there is one certainty in this realm, witches and lycans can’t stand each other.

  7. A witch walks into a bar and sees a group of magical assassins. Given that the assassins were visible only to those that held the power to view their exceptionally rare additional lining around their aura, it was unlikely anyone in the bar realized what they were. “Great,” she thought. “The Council is at it again. I wonder which group they’re thinning this time.”

  8. A witch walks into a bar and sees what looks like group of school girls, but what are they really?

  9. A witch walks into a bar and sees a group of pixies sitting at a table looking at something in one of their hands.

  10. Soul Reapers. They look human; non-threatening. But the witch knows better. She sees the way they keep eyeing the girl at the end of the bar, watching her raptly, waiting for a chance to swoop in and steal her away before anyone notices she’s missing. The witch can see how their mark shines; it’s almost too late to save the girl. But that never stopped the witch before. She had always loved a , and this was sure to be one hell of one. The witch grinned and walked over to the Reapers. The fun was about to start.

  11. A witch walks into a bar and feels a pull to someone there. She sits at the bar with a drink and realizes it is coming from one of the hottest males she has ever seen. One that has that look of let me lick and put my hands all over you. He turns and looks her in the eyes with an intense look. It was like he could see me and know me. He decided to walk over to me. And the closer he got the more the pull to him was greater. And then when he got to me I found one of the reasons the pull was there. He is a powerful warlock. A very hot and sexy warlock who it turns out is her mate.

  12. grannies, in witches hats. They can’t be real witches as we don’t play dress up. We downplay our gifts and most witches I know are serious as a heart attack. As i near, I do feel something unusual in the air, there is some magic here, but what kind?

  13. A witch walks into a bar. Looking around she spots a table of different clerics, another table of talking ropes, and a lone gorilla sipping a beer at the bar. “It’s going to be one of those funny nights.”

  14. Shifters not just a wolf but a bear and dragon. She of course uses her magic to see everyones auras to know what they truly are. The shifters are in human form. The dragon taller but the bear bulkier.

  15. A group of learner warlocks all practising what they had learnt that day, as she turned to the bar to get a drink when suddenly there was a woosh and a scream so loud that her ears almost split, a huge fireball came hurtling towards “her smashing into the bar as she ducked to avoid being burnt to a crisp. “I’m gonna kill you, you dirty conniving bitch”.

  16. As witch walks into a bar and in the corner a group of rude guys sit staring and making comments about most the women in the bar. She quickly says a spell under her breath. Now every time one of them is imagining one of the women naked will find himself sitting there without any clothes on. Serves them right. She walks over to the bar and orders herself a margarita when suddenly she hears male shrieks. Smiling to herself she glances over her shoulder already knowing what to expect. Sure enough, two already sit wearing nothing but their birthday suit and are grappling for auth to cover up with.

  17. Gnomes, a Troll & a werewolf, all sitting at the bar drinking Ale. The werewolf says “….”
    Take it from here.

  18. A witch was into a bar and sees a group of 5 of the most deliciously gorgeous men, wait, no, not men, vampires. And they were all looking at her with burning desire.

  19. A witch walks into a bar and sees a group of warlocks, witches, wizards, sorceresses, enchanters, and mages dancing to That Old Black Magic. It was spellbinding…and enchanting.

  20. Trolls at the end of the bar drinking swamp water and eating steaming chicken guts, telling dirty jokes.

  21. A group of time-warp troopers, men and women with only one thing. The ability to destroy an enemy with minimal effort. Snatched from times, places, realities for one purpose. Rarely one finds such survivors in one place. Sometimes, thought the witch, things can happen on there own. Fates, deities and MRS Murphy’s favorite child not withstanding. Sometimes a gift horse is just a horse. If you can’t ride it you can always eat. These troopers looked like they’ve eaten plenty of horse flesh…the kind of professionals she needed.

  22. She walked into a bar and saw a group of warlocks arguing over the Quidditch match on tv. Glancing toward the corner, she saw to fae, gathering themselves and changing into werewolves, trying to quietly move toward the group, including her new friend, Piotr, from Poland. She quickly reached into her bag, grabbing her wand,

  23. strange fuzzy looking drunk entities. After a bit of thought maybe it was the witch that was drunk?

  24. expectant townsfolk… divided equally between those anxious for her presence, and those terrified that she would actually come in. She did not know which amused her more.

  25. .. exceptionally tall leprechauns and one mermaid sitting in a bathtub playing Go Fish at a table in the corner.

  26. A group of women sitting together, three of them, all young, all pretty, all… otherworldly. Cooly, the witch was over to the booth the women are occupying, silently taking the empty seat next to the youngest looking one, with pretty blonde hair and big blue eyes which she was currently decorating with eye shadow. The blonde looked up from her mirror long enough to acknowledge the witch and went back to blending her eyelids.
    “It’s about time you showed up.” The red haired woman across from her said, “We were getting worried.”
    The woman next to her let out a light giggle, tossing her light brown hair back as she did so, “Worried? You told us she had better be dead if she didn’t show up.”
    “Well lucky for me that isn’t the case.” The witch said, removing her hat and letting her onyx hair fall around her shoulders. “I’d hate to be killed by my own sisters.”
    “Did you bring it?” The red head asked. The blonde put away her makeup, sensing things had moved into the serious zone.
    The dark-haired witch reached into her purse and pulled out a flat, square object. She placed it on the table in front of the others.
    It was a small, leather-bound book with a clap. On the front, stamped into the leather were the words “La Grimoire Du Chaise”
    “I can’t believe we are actually doing this.” The brunette said, eyes locked on the book.
    “You know we don’t have a choice,” the blonde told her. “It’s our time, either we take it or…”
    “I know what happens if we don’t do it. It doesn’t mean I’m happy about it.” The brunette responded.
    “It doesn’t matter,”the red head interrupted, “because we’re doing it. Right?”
    It wasn’t a question, they were doing it. They had no choice, it was their destiny. For hundreds of years, four Chaise women were granted powers beyond that of normal witches, power that was to be used to fight the darkness in the world. The Chaise women who took on this destiny were connected until their deaths, at which time four new Chaise witches were chosen to take up the mantle.
    Now it was their turn, these four cousins, now sisters by rite, would take on this destiny and battle the darkness in the many forms it may take.

  27. Which hunters on break. She knew that she was their number one target and worth $1,000,000 dead or alive. She had to get out of there without looking too mysterious. As she starts to turn around, one of the hunters turn their heads and stares right into her soul. She knew there was no easy way out now…

  28. A witch walks into a bar…”ouch!” she screams rubbing her offended nose. She then pushes her glasses back up her nose so she can see. She sidesteps, bends over to pick up her dropped broom, and flies off again.

  29. And sees a group of fairies observing the humans in the bar. They can feel her magic the instant they see her.

  30. a mysterious stranger watching her. He knows what she is up to. She feels his eyes follow her up to the bar.