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Vote for your favorite here.

After seeing the positive results of changing the Supernatural Slayer cover, I took a look at my bookshelf to see if I had any other covers I wanted to change.

I realized I could potentially have another situation with Magic and Witches. I love the original cover (on the left) but, like Supernatural Slayer, the cover can look drab at a smaller size. That means it won’t stand out to readers or convert well when advertised.

This is the new reality when it comes to selling books. There are more factors at play when deciding on a cover. You want a cover that looks appealing, conveys genre at a glance, is attractive as a thumbnail, and stands out among other books. It’s tough to get all those on point.

The Cursed Blood series will go live on 25 December and I want the series to have the best chance at success as possible. Having a strong cover for the first book in the series is essential to the series’ health.

Instead of choosing the cover myself I decided to ask others what they thought. I created a google form, added the three covers and one question. Then I asked my readers in my newsletter. I also asked friends on Twitter. I’m updating the Twitter thread with results as they come in. I’m hoping that by doing this I end up with a cover that is attractive to readers.

At the moment, the bright purple cover on the right is proving to be the most popular with 259 votes (54.9%). Vote for your favorite here.

Vote for your favorite here.


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