Meet Enrique

The┬álovely Eri (Twitter @_arururin) has sent me the latest member of the Supernatural Slayer & Must Love Dragons series. Meet Enrique! If you’ve read my series, you know him as the Enforcer.

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  1. I’d like to see Noor ’cause they have pretty cool name, not often seen in the U.S. at least, where I’m from, don’t worry, I did NOT vote for that nimrod in the Oval. But I’m curious about Noor’s sex (I think they’re male), what kind of immortal they are (werewold, weredragon, wizard, demon, etc.), and how they picture (is he stern, pouty, loving, stand offish, etc.)!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Emily. Noor’s a female. She’s Aisha’s roommate in Supernatural Slayer & is a half-angel half-demon. That background’s given her a lot of trouble but she’s a lot of fun. I think you’ll enjoy her character.