Cover Reveal: Magic Rebel

Earlier in the month, I asked if you could guess the title of Book 3 in the Magic Runes series.

Here it is! Isn’t the cover fantastic? Andrei Bat did an outstanding job as usual designing this cover. I’m loving the swirls of purple around Carmen and I’m so excited for this book! I’m excited for all my books but this one has a special place in my heart. It might be because Magic Rebel is the last book in the Carmen Rebello series…or is it? You’ll have to read it to find out!


Scheduled release date is August 2018.


Facebook Shenanigans

If you’re friends with me on Facebook you may have noticed that I’ve disappeared from the social media platform.

Facebook randomly sent me a Security Check and asked me to input the code it sent me via SMS. Problem is, I didn’t received a SMS. For some time I thought it was my phone’s fault but when I asked Facebook to send me an SMS to reset my password I got the verification code just fine. Right now, I’m not sure when/if I’ll be able to restore access.

There are a lot of horror stories online of people who went through the same thing and most of them don’t have a HEA ending.

My main concern is that I won’t be able to participate in the boxed set groups I’m in. Thankfully the first one launches in March so there’s still some time to sort this out.

If you need to get in touch, send me an email or leave me a comment below.

A Pretty Big Decision

I made a Pretty Big Decision yesterday. I can’t really talk about it but it has the potential to really change my writing career. Okay, scratch that, it will change my writing career.

It’s funny how the universe puts things in our path. I had finally locked down my writing schedule only to have it turned upside down again by an opportunity I couldn’t let pass by. It was something I had wished for but thought was too early for me to gain at this point in my self-publishing journey.

I was wrong.

It’s been one day and already I’ve realized how much value I’ve gained by making the Pretty Big Decision. I know this experience will be instrumental in how I manage my writing career moving forward.

2018 is the year of seizing opportunities and experimenting. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me over the next few months but I’m excited to start this journey. It’s going to be epic!

Writing: Dragons in Barcelona

If you get my newsletter you know that I’m currently working on my upcoming book, Supernatural Slayer. Originally my big alpha guy was part of the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation but I’ve already done that in Magic Runes. I didn’t want to give readers the same story.

I played around with various shifters and wondered if a dragon shifter would work for my novel since it was set in Barcelona. I decided to do some research. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

So apparently dragons are HUGE in Barcelona. Color me surprised. I had no idea. They even have dragon tours.

It allegedly started with the legend of St. George and the Dragon. I had never heard one of the “most famous legends of Catalonia“.  Short version: St. George (Sant Jordi) saves princess from dragon.

I’ve seen dragons depicted around the city but I saw other creatures as well so the dragons didn’t stand out for me. I’ve even taken several tours of Casa Batlló I must have forgotten the part about it representing the famous legend. I’m embarrassed by how little I knew and how much I learned researching.

Naturally, this newfound knowledge works perfectly for my novel. So expect lot of interesting details to crop up in Supernatural SlayerI highly recommend clicking on the sources below to see some cool examples of how dragons permeate the city of Barcelona. I may have to schedule a trip back to Barcelona to take my own photos 😉



Reading Week January 6-12

Have you chosen a goal for 2018’s Goodreads Reading Challenge? I decided to repeat 2017’s goal and stick to 100 books.

I’m currently ahead of schedule but I have one extra book that shouldn’t be there. It’s the boxed set. I’m not sure how to work around that. I wanted to show that I read the boxed set and also show the three books included within the set. I guess I’ll have to read an extra book and make my goal 101.

This week’s books:

Michael Wolff – Fire and Fury – Yes, I was one of the many putting this book in #1 spot. I’m fascinated by this White House. It’s dysfunctional and messy, and Wolff covers all that.

Assorted Authors – Fall of Magic Urban Fantasy Anthology – Finally managed to finish the anthology I was in. Lots of fun stories. If you haven’t picked it up yet, it’s $0.99 on Amazon.

Lindsay Buroker – Dragon Blood Books 1-3 Boxed Set – Containing the books Balanced on the Blade’s Edge, Deathmaker, and Blood Charged. Enjoyed these light fantasy romance reads. Recommend picking up your copy. It’s currently free on Amazon.


What books have you read this week? What books are you planning to read this weekend? If you have any recommendations for fantasy reads leave me a comment! 

False Claims

I’ve received a couple of false claims emails that will restructure the way I announce my giveaway winners.

A person contacted me claiming to be the winner of a giveaway. What they didn’t know is that the actual winner had already reached out and claimed her prize. I had linked to the winner’s twitter account in the December Giveaway Winners post and so I requested that they tweet me from it. I wanted to see how far they’d go to claim a $15 Amazon gift card that they hadn’t won. They tweeted back, but not from the linked account. It was a different one but using the same profile photo the real account had.

Kindly note that I don’t usually share private correspondence but they posted the email for all to see on Twitter so I haven’t redacted it from the screenshots.

Due to this unfortunate incident, moving forward, winners will be contacted directly by me to confirm their emails and claim their prize. I will still post the name on the blog for transparency’s sake but I will initiate first contact. Thanks for your understanding.