Name a Character

Want to name a character in my upcoming book Supernatural Slayer?

I have to rename one of my vampires and thought it would be fun to give readers the opportunity to choose the name.

Leave a comment and the name you share might make it into the book!

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  1. Many many years ago, I was creating an NPC for a D&D game involving Vampires, and I came up with Julian Mandelbrot.

  2. Annika (pronounced Ah-nick-ah)

    Vampire names don’t always have to be weird and recognizable since vampires were humans once

  3. For female Vampire “Olga” and for male Vampire “vanDiesel”

    I love me some Vampire love ebooks.

  4. The Marquis Rustav Balc , Dragfi de Belte, third voivode of Moldavia, head of Szatmár (Sătmar), Ugocsa and Máramaros (Maramureş) counties in the Kingdom of Hungary, and he was also invested with the title of Count of the Székelys

    1. voivode is(Old Slavic, literally “war-leader” or “warlord”) is an Eastern European (Slavic as well as Romanian) title

  5. Argos! Argos is the name of an ancient city, maybe the vampire could be from there? Plus, I can’t think of a famous vampire character named Argos.

  6. It would definitely depend on whether the character is male or female. I would say Lorelai for a female and Athan for a male.

    Good luck!! 🙂

  7. How about an Irish vampire ? Aloysius seems nice and vintage to me. After all, vintage has been around a long time -just like vampires ! 🙂

  8. How about an Irish vampire- Aloysius seems pretty solid and vintage to me. What’s more “vintage” than a vampire ? 🙂

  9. Male name, Bob. He gets picked n by the other Vamps, but he doesn’t want to change his name his Mummy gave him.

  10. Robert James Flores Jr. Lord Baron of the House of Flowers
    Catherine Diane Flores Lady Baroness of the House of Flowers

  11. That’s pretty cool that you’ve decided to ask the Fans for names. Makes it that much more interesting to so see which names get picked. You never mentioned whether it was a male or female so I thought I would share some name for both. Looking forward to reading which name you chose! Good luck and have a wonderful day! 🙂

    Alurah Valkyrie
    Kassinelli Evans
    Ooma Hunter

    Isaac Greyhog
    Blake Ward
    Ezeek Jaxson

  12. Sebastian Von Klassen (its my husbands grandfathers name(passed in 1989) but when ever I hear it I think of vampire….lol)

  13. Primeva Loco ( not sure if you are looking for a male or female ) Cool Vampire jumbled up.

  14. Wow!!! So many names!

    When I hear about vampires I always recall Buffy the vampire slayer and that white-haired vampire which name was wrongly translated into Russian. He’s Spike, but in Ukraine, he was named Crutch, LOL.

    M – Adam (from Adam for first-born or first child of creator, or from Adamantine (unbreakable)
    F – Trace or Triss.

    1. Reminds me Illana – the main character in a Queen of Thieves series, and Illanie, my character in WOW.

  15. Sebastian Theodore Lockhart (“Seb” or “Theo” as nicknames)
    Arabella Rose Santini (“Arla” as a nickname)

  16. I actually have two I picked Nicholi and my boyfriend pick Perseus I couldn’t choose between the two

  17. Sam.
    It is gender ambiguous.
    It can be its own name, or be short for another name like Samael, etc.
    It passes as modern, so the vamp will have no problem blending into society.
    And it can be cross cultural.