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My name’s Kaitlyn Felis, and I’m a treasure-hunting alchemist.

I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to work for a mysterious elf called Fein Thyrin. Not only did he give me my dream alchemy lab, one that came with a beautiful part-nymph assistant (she’ll be the end of me, in the best possible way) he’s also hired me as his personal treasure-hunter. To say I was excited is a drastic understatement.

First on my treasure-hunting list? The Seers Stone – it’s a thing of legends, and I’m going to be the first hunter to get my hands on it.

The Hidden Alchemy series is set in the same magic-packed world as the popular Ink Born series.

Kaitlyn is a bisexual woman who engages in both f/f and f/m sexual acts within this book. There is also a semi-open relationship.


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  1. If this line ‘a witch walks into a bar’ is supposed to be a joke you have a good number to choose from. If it isn’t you’re in trouble for it a pretty bad way to start a book even if it is suppose to be a comedy.

  2. This looks like it will be an exciting series! You are so ambitious and committed to have so many writing irons in the fire at once!

  3. It looks like a adventure and trouble just waiting for someone to open the awesome cover and start reading