Magic Runes is Leaving Kindle Unlimited

Magic Runes is leaving Kindle Unlimited and it was a sudden, snap decision.

The backstory: I was contacted yesterday by an author to join an urban fantasy boxset. I didn’t know the author but I enjoy networking and wanted to learn more about the project. I was invited to the group and, to my delight, I found an author friend already there. Of course, the first thing she did was remind me of the last boxset the two of us had joined where the organizer ran off with our money. To date that has been the first and last time I’ve ever used PayPal customer protection. I managed to get my money back but not everyone was so lucky.

Anyway, I’ve gotten off track…Since the original author that invited me to the group was asleep due to being in Australia, my friend told me the theme of the boxset was first-in-series urban fantasy. I checked the KDP Select end term for Magic Runes and it turned out it ends on the 24th. I unticked the auto-renewal for the next 3-month-term of KDP select.

On a whim, I checked the end dates for the KDP Select term for the Dare Valari series and found that they end in September and October and removed those from renewal as well.

I have never scheduled a free book giveaway and on another whim, decided to use up all five free days for the first time in Magic Runes’ history. The book will be free from 20 August until 24 August. And on 25 August, I’ll be taking the book wide and sharing it on other retailers.

As for the Dare Valari series, I’m leaning toward unpublishing the books but I would like to give readers a chance to read the third book before I do that.

And that’s the story of how randomly Magic Runes will go wide starting the end of August!






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