False Claims

I’ve received a couple of false claims emails that will restructure the way I announce my giveaway winners.

A person contacted me claiming to be the winner of a giveaway. What they didn’t know is that the actual winner had already reached out and claimed her prize. I had linked to the winner’s twitter account in the December Giveaway Winners post and so I requested that they tweet me from it. I wanted to see how far they’d go to claim a $15 Amazon gift card that they hadn’t won. They tweeted back, but not from the linked account. It was a different one but using the same profile photo the real account had.

Kindly note that I don’t usually share private correspondence but they posted the email for all to see on Twitter so I haven’t redacted it from the screenshots.

Due to this unfortunate incident, moving forward, winners will be contacted directly by me to confirm their emails and claim their prize. I will still post the name on the blog for transparency’s sake but I will initiate first contact. Thanks for your understanding.

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