Instafreebie – An Awesome Resource for Readers And Writers

As a reader and writer, I love Instafreebie. Instafreebie is one of the best sites today for book lovers. It’s my first pick whenever I want to discover new authors. The wide selection of free books available on the platform is one of the main reasons I visit Instafreebie. And now, Instafreebie has made it even easier to get books with an app.

I’ve been a published author for 7 weeks now. One of the first things I did before publishing my book was join Instafreebie to build my mailing list. I uploaded my short story BLAZE in April 2017 and since then I’ve had 4,469 copies claimed. Instafreebie helped me reach over 1,000 new readers a month.

Instafreebie has been an effective method of building my mailing list and I recommend it to any new author starting out, existing author looking to build their mailing list with quality subscribers, and all readers in search of a good story to read.

Now Instafreebie’s app¬†should make it even more easier for hungry readers to get their hands on new work from their favorite authors.

Whether you’re a reader or a writer, one of the best places you can get books is Instafreebie. It’s an awesome resource for readers and writers. The best thing I ever did was open up an instafreebie account. If you’re a writer, click here to open your Instafreebie account. If you’re a reader, all you have to do is get the app or visit the site and get your free books today.


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