Help Me Name a Demon

I’m working on an urban fantasy series at the moment and one of the villains is a demon. I’ve been using the name Ashbel but I don’t know, something seems off with the name – Ashbel doesn’t sound heinous enough. Or does it?

What do you think? Do you have a perfectly wicked name for me? Let me know in the comments if you think Ashbel sounds like he could be a big bad demon or if you have a better naming option.

If I use the name you submit I’ll add you to the book’s Acknowledgements page and you’ll own bragging rights to naming the series’ malevolent villain.

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  1. I love Abaddon. It’s Hebrew and means destruction or “place of destruction” or the realm of the dead. He’s mentioned in the New Testament as being the king of an army of locusts, the Angel of Death. Though in some legends Abaddon is actually a place where the damned lie in fire and snow. Plus if you’re reading quickly it looks like Abandon, as in “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”It’s so cool to me!

    Or if you prefer, the Greek (though not specifically used as a name in classical Greek texts) is Apollyon and means “the destroyer.” Though I think it’s less cool than Abaddon.

  2. Juracán ( Spanish deity of chaos )
    Eris ( Greek god of strife and discord)
    Strazio. ( means torture or torment in Italian)
    Eemeli or Emil ( meaning rival )

  3. Just a few I like…

    Abrecan – means Storm
    Merodach – means evil, slaughter
    Tsal Mavet – means Shadow Death or a deep impenetrable darkness

    Or I just always like Malachai as an evil name, lol

  4. Syn-seer – lots of play on words here. Syn (sin) for a nickname. seer as in see-er into a person’s soul, specifically the sin in one’s soul?, or related- seer as in can fortell the future. And then sincere as a sort of irony(?), that a great deceiver is named sincere. Or maybe s/he really is sincere in his/her objectives. Demons come in all kinds of iterations in literature.

  5. Slash sounds good to me, as he slashes through trust, love, confidence and ruins everything and everyone…Gaining more power as he slashes through all others.

  6. Being a Writer myself, I would have to find out other info to suggest a name. Things like how is he/she/it evil; what actions designate it as such? From whence does it come; origins? How does it kill? That sort of thing.
    I would also suggest to not give in to the easy path of using someone else’s already made name- make it original; something no one else has called a man or demon. When I make up a name or title, I usually try to search online to see if anyone has used the name/word before. Always helpful. (smile)
    — John

  7. How about something not so “daemonic”(intentional spelling. I am a theologian) or bouncing off Hebrew, Greek or intentionally Biblical?

    ‘Meh”, to me means ??‍♀️nothing??‍♂️ Or “who cares”. How about a demon no one would THINK was a demon….Hari (spelling intentional) or Damon (or is that too “Omen-ish”)

  8. How about Bates?
    Or how about Poe or Edgar, based off of my favorite macabre author Edgar Allen Poe?

  9. It truly depends on what type of demon he is. For instance for one who controls or can shift into a snake you might consider Cyrus. However if he can control the elements such as fire you may consider scorch, or the night Ryder. But if is evil at any and all cost I personally think Drakon or biblically spawn of the devil himself. I guess it depends on the demon and who is speaking of/ to him.

  10. My suggestion for a demon Demok …….. demon runnin amok
    my second is Anton…because if you get me on a motorcycle I go nuts

  11. Abduxuel – (Enochian) One of the demonic rulers of the lunar mansions
    Nybras – (Unk) an inferior demon who publicizes the pleasures of hell
    Ukobach or Urobach – (Unk) a fire demon.
    Verin – (Unk) the demon of impatience
    Xaphan – (Unk) another fire demon. Keeper of the furnaces of hell.

  12. I do like your name Ashbel, however, I’m torn between Aamon and Asmodeus. Or maybe Mehcule to keep your original idea in as well.

  13. I like the name Adram (pronounced A-dram) from Adramelech (Assyrian mythology, Christian demonology). It’s easy to remember. It sounds powerful and sounds like it could be representing “I don’t give a damn” and “Adram damns you and cast you into hell” kinda thing. Just my thoughts on the subject if you do plan on changing the name

  14. I’m with, Ashbel not quite mean enough. What about something with similar structure like Azbach?

  15. Ashbel rings strange to me, something about the ending syllable. So maybe you can just change it a little to Ashel or Asher. Ashel sounds more feminine to me while Asher more masculine. For me when it comes to demons, a simpler name is more welcome than one that the reader is questioning how to pronounce, which then in a way leads the reader away from accepting the story but rather questioning its feasibility.

  16. What about Gorgazon? It’s an odd name, but for whatever reason it’s running through my head.

  17. Murphy because the demon Murphy will screw up anything you try to do. Or if you want something a little more out of the ordinary, how about Azool.

  18. Hmmm… I like Kibishī, Hidou, Akuhei and Neikan. All of them are Japanese. Kibishī means grim; Hidou means hate; Akuhei means evil; Neikan means wicked, treacherous.