I is for InstaFreebie #AtoZChallenge

I first put Blaze on InstaFreebie on 1st April. So far I have had 137 subscribers sign up to my mailing list. That’s a great number, even when you take into account my nondescript cover.

Hopefully by the time I launch my debut book I will have amassed a greater number of subscribers and built a decent-sized mailing list. I’m already thinking of a second work that I can publish on InstaFreebie to capture more readers.

InstaFreebie is a good way to find new readers. Once they sign up for my mailing list I can try to convert them into readers of my paid work.

My advice to writers is to do the following:

  1. Write a short work.
  2. Put it on InstaFreebie
  3. Make sure readers have to opt-in to your mailing list to get your free book.
  4. Join Instafreebie promotions.

InstaFreebie will even help you reach an audience if you put together a promotion of 10+ books by posting it on their page and promoting it through their emails.

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