B is for Blaze #AtoZChallenge

BLAZE is a short story set in the world of my upcoming book, A SWORD OF FORTUNE AND FATE. It’s a short read, at a little over 10K words. It should take you a sitting to get through the book.

Blaze is a central character in A SWORD OF FORTUNE AND FATE, the first book in my Dare Valari series.

The story was inspired by my friend asking me how Blaze got his nickname. This story explains how. It also introduces readers to additional side character that will appear in A SWORD OF FORTUNE AND FATE.

You can download the story at Instafreebie by clicking HERE.

Happy Reading!

A is for April’s #AtoZChallenge

I recently found out about the #AtoZChallenge through a Kboards.com thread and decided to join the fun. My blog was looking a little sparse for lack of posts. It won’t hurt to add a month’s worth of blog posts.

My theme for the #AtoZChallenge is “Self-publishing”. I’m going to discuss what I’m working on and the elements of self-publishing that I want to focus on.

You can find the scheduled post dates below. I will be updating the titles as I work my way through the month.


S/1 A A is for April’s #AtoZChallenge


M/3 BB is for Blaze

T/4  CC is for Camp NaNoWRiMo 

W/5 DD is for Dare Valari

T/6 EE is for Editing

F/7 FF is for Facebook

S/8 G


M/10 H

T/11 I

W/12 J

T/13 K

F/14 L

S/15 M


M/17 N

T/18 O

W/19 P

T/20 Q

F/21 R

S/22 S


M/24 T

T/25 U

W/26 V

T/27 W

F/28 X

S/29 Y


M/30 Z