B is for Blaze #AtoZChallenge

BLAZE is a short story set in the world of my upcoming book, A SWORD OF FORTUNE AND FATE. It’s a short read, at a little over 10K words. It should take you a sitting to get through the book.

Blaze is a central character in A SWORD OF FORTUNE AND FATE, the first book in my Dare Valari series.

The story was inspired by my friend asking me how Blaze got his nickname. This story explains how. It also introduces readers to additional side character that will appear in A SWORD OF FORTUNE AND FATE.

You can download the story at Instafreebie by clicking HERE.

Happy Reading!

Writing Update

When it comes to writing, I’m currently working on three projects. Two of them are due to be finalized this upcoming week. One is a 50k book and another is a 10k short. I’ve written 40k and 5k, respectively. The third project is a 65k book. I’ve only got 3k down so far.

To date, I’ve only written 13k in February. That’s not enough for me to reach my goals. I have to do better in March and I’m aiming high. To help me do that, I’m joining the #March100kChallenge. I’m hoping the challenge will inspire me to stay on track.

I’m on track to publish my first book, A Sword of Fortune and Fate, in May 2017. I want to ensure that the series continue to be released as scheduled. For that to happen, I have to write, write, write!


What are your writing goals for March?

2017: Writer Resolutions

There are several things I hope to accomplish in 2017 as a new writer. Here are my top five:

1. I will publish at least one book (I hope I publish my planned 10 books).
2. I will blog at least once a month (I hope I blog at least once a week).
3. I will start a newsletter and have at least 1 subscriber (I hope I have at least 50 subscribers).
4. I will make 1 sale (I hope I make at least 50 sales).
5. I will help at least 1 fellow writer (I hope I build a solid network of writer friends).

I will continue to read. I will continue to work on my craft. I will continue to learn.

Those are my writer goals for 2017. What are yours?