Giveaway: Win a Copy The Pursual by F.F. John

I have an exciting giveaway for you today! 5 lucky readers will get a free copy of F.F. John’s The Pursual.

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Love or power? Which would you choose? And could you?

When status is the only factor standing in the way of true love, Neith tricks Invier into participating in a long-abandoned and dangerous competition called the Pursual. It’s the only way for Invier to win her hand and improve his family’s position in society.

As much as he hates the circumstances, he knows he must follow through or lose her to someone else. However, the mysterious deaths of competitors, the discovery of dark secrets, and a growing rebellion stand in his way. They also mean that winning her hand will not come easy.

Love and power are at stake but so are Neith and Invier’s lives. Will the competition meant to bring them together pull them apart?

The Pursual is the first book in The Nome Chronicles Series. It features compelling characters, romance and complex societal politics. Readers who liked The Hunger Games and enjoy the political jockeying of Game of Thrones will enjoy this young adult, dystopian story.

Explore THE PURSUAL, the prequel short story, THE PROEM as well as the sequel novel, THE PALADIN today! All three are available in this exciting series.

Now Available: A Sword of Fortune and Fate

My debut fantasy book, A Sword of Fortune and Fate, is now available for purchase on Amazon. This is the first book in the Dare Valari series.

Noblewoman. Troublemaker. Exile.

I am Lady Dare Valari and I am being hunted.

Exiled from my home at the castle, cut off from family and friends, I fled to the Blights, the last place in the kingdom anyone would run to. In exchange for allowing me to remain in his territory, the dangerous outlaw Blaze has tasked me with guarding his sister, Penny, from unknown attackers.

Now I have to dodge two teams of assassins while also trying to keep Blaze from learning the truth-that the man after me is none other than Prince Jasper, the most powerful man in the kingdom.

With only my sword beside me, I need to find a way to save Penny and myself without revealing all my secrets.

Click here to buy it for $0.99 or read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.