The Number 1 Rule of Self-Publishing

As an aspiring author I routinely search for self-publishing advice. Today, I stumbled across a Kboards post asking, “What is the #1 rule of self publishing?”

While most of the things stated seem to be common sense it was interesting to see what each person thought the #1 rule was. There are many components to creating a successful self-publishing career. Each one plays a vital part in building an author platform.

Start somewhere:

Have an objective of what you want to achieve, and then make a plan that will get you there.

-Ava Red

If you do nothing, nothing will happen.

-Keith Soares

Don’t talk about it, do it.

-Patty Jansen


Focus on creating a quality product:

Write a good story.

-H.C. Harrington

Hooky book.

-Rosalind James

Write a good book.

Without that, no other advice matters.

-Elizabeth S.


Approach the whole endeavor as a business.

-Patrick Urban

Effective habits and hard work matter more than talent.

-David VanDyke

To make it, you need to persist over the long haul.

-Eric Thomson

And when it comes to your work, remember:

Develop a thick skin – reviewers can be merciless.

-Jan Hurst-Nicholson


What do you think is the #1 rule of self-publishing?

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